Festive Ways to Warm Up This Winter

Get Toasty With These Festive Ideas

When it comes to the winter holiday season there are always a number of guarantees; you’re guaranteed to hear the best Christmas hits almost on loop, you’re guaranteed to witness the latest and craziest ways to use Christmas lights, and you’re guaranteed to see more than one Santa Claus wondering the streets. However, while there are many guarantees that make Christmas such a special time of the year, there are also those that are not so avidly looked forward to, namely, the guarantee of cold weather.

Despite how magical the festive season can be, battling the cold day in and day out can put a strain on even the strongest of Christmas spirits. While switching the heating up to max is one way to tackle the cold, it certainly isn’t the only, or the most festive, option on the cards. If you’re feeling the cold this holiday season, then we have some of the best tips for festive ways to stay warm.

Staying warm throughout the festive season starts with keeping yourself warm. Thankfully, Christmas offers a lot of inspiration for unique and festive ways to stay toasty in some of the coldest months of the year. Getting into the Christmas spirit is that much easier when the cold is a distant memory.

Indulge in a Hot Chocolate

For many people, there is no competition when it comes to deciding what the best drink of the holiday season is. While hot chocolate is great all year round, it somehow becomes even more special at Christmas. Whether you like yours piled with marshmallows, overflowing with cream, or with a dash of cinnamon, there is no doubting the warming properties of this delicious drink.

Unpack Your Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

Christmas is the season of hats, gloves, and scarves. Everywhere you look on the streets there are people that have already unpacked and happily adorned their winter accessories. A fantastic way to keep warm, wrapping up in your favorite winter scarf creates an extraordinarily festive feeling. Twinning your accessories with a suitable winter coat, means the cold will no longer be a problem when you’re out and about.

Turn up the Festive Tunes

While Christmas songs are being introduced earlier and earlier every year, they still have that magical ability to make you feel festive. Most of us are responsible for letting loose and dancing up a storm when our favorite songs come on, so switching over to the Christmas hit for a dance session makes for a great way to relax and stay warm.

Whip out the Marshmallows for Home-Made Smores

Smores and Christmas go hand in hand, after all, there are few better ways to indulge in a festive treat than by combining chocolate, marshmallows, and crackers. This warming sweet treat is the ideal indulgence to warm you up and help you get into the Christmas spirit.

Get Inventive by Making Your Own Spiced Wine

If hot chocolate is not your beverage of choice, or you feel like something a little stronger to kick off your evening, then try making your own hot spiced wine. A staple of Christmas markets, the aroma of spiced wine alone is enough to make you feel festive. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to make at home.

Invest in Some Christmassy Pajamas

Be it a novelty onesie or a set of Christmas patterned pajamas, there are few more comfortable ways to stay warm and feel festive than by stocking up on Christmas nightwear. As the temperature plummets, warm winter pajamas become a necessity to keeping warm, making them an ideal candidate for a festive transformation.

Wrap up in Your Favorite Blanket

With hot chocolate, or spiced wine, in hand, wrapping up in a warm blanket is a great way to fend off the chill of winter and stay toasty. Whether you’re curled up in front of the fire with a book, or watching a festive movie on the TV, a blanket should be your number one accessory during the festive season.

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