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Furnace Repair & Replacement

Your furnace is what keeps your home toasty warm during the cold winter months.

Since we live in the cold Chicagoland area, we know how important our furnaces are to both the comfort and safety of our homes. In fact, you really don’t want to wait until your furnace quits working to get it fixed or repaired because that could mean going without heat and having to deal with expensive emergency repair costs.


How do you know when it’s time to call a heating contractor to repair or replace your furnace?


Here are the top ten signs to look out for:

  1. Your furnace is making odd noises.

Other than cycling on and off, your furnace should always sound pretty much the same. If something sounds abnormal, it may be a signal that a part needs to be replaced.

  1. The pilot light is not blue.

A furnace that is operating properly maintains a constant blue flame. This means that the mix of gases emanating from the furnace is in good balance. If the flame is yellow, call a professional right away. A yellow flame indicates too much carbon monoxide, which is poisonous to humans and pets.

  1. Your furnace is older than about 15 years or has needed more than one repair in the last 2 years.

While many furnaces can last more than 15 years, the average lifespan is about 18 years so you want to keep a closer eye on things after your furnace has been working for 15 years. No matter how old the furnace is, if you’ve needed to pay for repairs more than once in the past two years, it will probably be more cost effective for you to replace your furnace, instead of continuing to repair it.

  1. You haven’t increased your usage but your bills have gone up.

If you’re using your furnace about the same amount but you notice a spike in your gas bill (independent of high gas rates, of course), it may be a sign that your furnace is not operating as efficiently as it could be. This may mean replacing a part or replacing the entire unit, depending on other factors.

  1. You see signs of wear and tear on or around your furnace.

If you see soot, dirt, or rust on our around your furnace or if you can see cracks or corrosion on the furnace itself, it’s time to call Stadtler Heating & Cooling. We can come inspect your furnace to determine if repairs or replacement is needed.

  1. Your house is heated unevenly.

If you start to notice that some rooms are always a different temperature than other rooms, you may need to have your HVAC system, including your furnace, inspected. There can be many reasons for uneven heating / cooling in a home so make sure you call experts to properly assess the situation.

  1. You’ve turned up the furnace, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer.

A furnace that’s in need of repairs or replacement will often work, but not as well as it used to. This could be one of the first signs that you need to call Stadtler Heating & Cooling.

  1. You notice condensation on the inside of windows.

Condensation or frost on the inside of windows generally means that the home humidity level is higher than it needs to be. This might not be a problem, and it might not be your furnace that’s causing it, but, to be on the safe side, have Stadtler Heating & Cooling out and we’ll do a full assessment of your HVAC system to rule out any needed repairs or replacements.

  1. There is ice build-up on your roof.

Ice build-up on your roof can be problematic for a number of reasons, including putting undue burden on your roof and causing flooding when it thaws. It’s also a sign that you may be losing heat through the attic of your house – heat that should be kept inside the home. If you notice ice building up on the roof of your home, call Stadtler Heating & Cooling. We will determine whether or not your system needs repair to keep heat from leaking out of your roof.

  1. Your furnace stops working or starts and stops frequently, before optimal temperature is reached.

Obviously, if your furnace has stopped working, you need to call Stadtler Heating and Cooling right away. But if you notice that your furnace is cycling on and off and it seems like it’s not staying on long enough to reach the temperature that your thermostat is set at, there may be some operational problems that can be fixed before your furnace quits all together.

If you notice any of these ten warning signs, call us right away at (630) 455-9015. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you so that we can come to your house and examine your system.

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