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Humidification – Humidifier Installation & Repair

Humidification – Humidifier Installation & Repair in Chicago

Heat and cold play a very big part in the comfort of your home, but a comfortable home is not dependent on the heating settings alone. Humidity is a major factor in how your home feels throughout the year. If the air is not humid enough, it’s going to be very difficult to get comfortable and you may actually find that you end up paying more on your heating bills.

Great air quality all starts with the presence of a humidifier in your home, but when you invest in a quality system and keep it well maintained, then you can really start to see some improvements to the environment in your entire property. If you’re tired of dry air bringing down the comfort levels in your home, then the team at Stadtler Heating & Cooling in Westmont, IL have the answer.


For homes the length and breadth of the Chicagoland area, we can install advanced, efficient humidifiers that will add healthy moisture to the air, banishing dry air from your home once and for all.

To get more information about humidifier repair and installation services in Chicagoland, please don’t hesitate to contact our professional team today.

What is Humidification?

Humidification is a very interesting process that involves increasing the amount of moisture in the air without altering the dry bulb temperature (DBT). The DBT is a measurement of air temperature by a dry thermostat; it doesn’t take into account temperature variations based on moisture content.

By adding more moisture to the air, you start to alter the relative humidity in a room; this is what affects how comfortable you feel. At a relative humidity of 100%, the air will be completely saturated with water, so it can’t hold any more at its current temperature; due to this, water simply won’t evaporate. If the relative humidity is low, then it’s capable of holding much more water in relation to the temperature of the environment, and the air will feel very dry.

Humidifiers allow you to keep the humidity in your home at the perfect level and avoid serious dryness that can have some big repercussions on both your health and your comfort levels. Smart systems, like those that can be installed in Westmont, IL and the surrounding area today, are designed to help you achieve a home that stays at the ideal humidity.

The Benefits of Humidifier Installation

Humidifier installation in Chicagoland can open the door to some amazing benefits that you might not have released were directly related to the humidity levels in your home. Managing your home’s humidity has four major benefits:

  • Saves You Money – When there’s a low humidity and the air is dry, water evaporates really quickly. This can make you feel much colder than what you should given the temperature. In the cold Chicago winters, you might find yourself raising the thermostat and increasing your energy bills, when the real problem is the humidity!
  • Increases Your Comfort – Dry air can lead to dry skin, as the sweat on your body evaporates faster. When the air is kept moist, you’ll find that you’re much more comfortable in your home, and problems like chapped lips and itchy skin don’t occur. Low humidity can even cause static shocks, which is certainly not ideal if you want a comfortable home!
  • Protects Your Home – Dryness doesn’t just affect you or your family, it also affects your home. Dry air can damage electrical devices, wood, furniture, and wall hangings, as well as dehydrate household plants.
  • Improves Your Health – Low humidity can affect your health by making your body very dry, including your nose and throat. Keeping the air moist will make it harder for bacteria to move around your body.  

Just one call to the professional team at Stadtler Heating & Cooling is all that’s needed to enquire about humidifier installation in Westmont, IL and the surrounding area.

Expert Humidifier Installation Services in Chicagoland

Humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes, but while it may be possible to purchase a small humidifier to raise the moisture levels in one room, it can be much more beneficial for your comfort levels to have a whole-home humidification system. Whole-home humidifiers work with your furnace to circulate moisture, along with warm air, to keep your home at the optimum humidity for comfort and good health.

At Stadtler Heating & Cooling in Westmont, IL, one of the main areas that we specialize in is the installation of high-quality humidifiers. We’ll help you to choose the best humidifier for the unique needs of your property, and then take care of the installation, so you don’t have to wait any longer to unleash the benefits of quality humidification in your home.

Professional Humidifier Repair Services in Chicagoland

Like all appliances around the home, professional servicing, maintenance, and repair is important for humidifiers. We provide a full humidifier repair service in Westmont, IL and the surrounding Chicagoland area to make sure that your humidifier is always in perfect working order. During regular maintenance, we’ll assess the condition of your humidifier, make sure the foam pad and humidifier core are clean and operational, and make any adjustments required to ensure your comfort levels are optimum.

If you’re experiencing problems with your humidifier or would like to arrange for humidifier servicing, then please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our expert HVAC specialists by contacting Stadtler Heating & Cooling today.

Reliable Humidifier Services from Stadtler Heating & Cooling in Westmont, IL

Don’t settle for second-best with your humidifier installation or repair in Chicagoland! With more than six decades of history servicing the western suburbs, and a dedication to providing innovative products and the highest standard of service, you can count on the Stadtler Heating & Cooling team to meet your humidifier needs.

To inquire further about the benefits or process of humidifier installation, or to speak to an expert about scheduling repairs, our team are always available to take your call.


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